Georgy Kavkat – Salmon Baked in Salt

Salmon Baked in Salt

Today is a beautiful sunny day and it’s great to introduce you to salt oven baked salmon

All you need for gradients is:

  • A big salmon
  • 10 oranges
  • Salt
  • Parsley

Prepare lots of salt

Light up the oven

Father brings the Salmon to the kitchen, daughter plays in the playground

A big, fresh fish

Kitty waiting for her Salmon lunch

Daughter helps dad to clean the Salmon

Here it is

Daughter helps to pour out salt

Mix the Salt

It didn’t fit the tray so he has to cut off the tail of the fish

Slide oranges

Put oranges and parsley inside the salmon

Cover with salt

Let’s bake

After 2-hour of baking, take it out

Still very hot

Absolutely delicious

Prepare for dishes – A very nice dusk

Enjoy with family