Country life vlogs – Beef Pilaf – Cooked in Clay Pots | Outdoor Cooking

Hello everyone, today is a great day.

We will garden and cook delicious beef rice in our hometown. According to my recipe

Beautiful flowers were planted by me after 1 week of care. Now it blooms beautifully

My husband often watered the flowers to make them fresh and bloom more beautiful


I’m cutting beef to prepare for lunch today

Catch the oil pan with extremely delicious and attractive cheese

Add a little butter to taste the food

Stir the beef until it cooks evenly on the outside. Does my cooking scene make you feel attractive and beautiful?

Beef is cooked and very fragrant

Our lunch is ready. We invite you to dine with us!

It looks really attractive. If you want this recipe then message me. I will share it with you

These are my condiments. Do you want it, I’m about to sell it

Prepare the food on the plate and enjoy it!

Thank you for your interest and follow us in the past time!

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