Country life vlog traditional turkish lamb dish – kuzu incik

A new day, warm sunlight crept through the trees, the lamp cat is resting on the rock, showing off his smooth black fur, it looks so beautiful.

My husband uses small sticks to make a fire

A rudimentary kitchen made of stones but it looks sturdy and convenient

Under the warm golden sunlight, I cook and enjoy the fresh air

.This is a peaceful place, on the top of a hill right next to the sea, from the house you can see the vast blue ocean.

Here everything is built from stone, like a house or a wall, they are very solid and mysterious, stimulating people’s curiosity and discovery.

At home, I work hard and take care of my food, every day cooking is my joy

As you age, wrinkles will gradually appear. That means that you will want to take care of yourself by all means, and me, I want to take care of me with delicious food every day.

In a beautiful and ancient place like this, it’s great if you consider it a vacation with delicious food

A wonderful vacation, next to family

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