Country life vlog the king of Azerbaijani cuisine – shakh pilaf

Hello everyone, our house is so happy and bustling with these lovely animals

They are always friendly with each other, in their free time, just watching them play will make everything pass quickly.

Now I’m boiling the chestnuts, they’re so fragrant, nutty and tempting

My husband’s job today is to go to the forest and collect moss on trees

And I will cook and wait for my husband to come back to enjoy

The sky is very clear and cool today, I feel very comfortable right now

After picking up moss, my husband is using it to apply it to the base of potted plants

I cook a very large pot of rice, it is a delicious Azerbaijani dish you may not know, please look forward to my dish

This dish is quite complicated, many stages and takes a lot of time, but this is really delicious food

And this is my dish, it has the sweetness of meat, the flesh of chestnuts, the sweetness of raisins, the aroma of rice… and many other flavors that make the dish wonderful.

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