Country life vlog roasting a whole of lamb in tandoor oven

A beautiful day, at a beautiful house covered with fresh flowers

Bright yellow chrysanthemums are racing to bloom

My husband is taking care of the peach blossom garden, the flowers have bloomed to brighten up the whole area, the pink color is so gentle and beautiful.

View from our house size, the house is small and simple but full of life and peace

Baby bunnies are clustered together, looking so docile

My husband is picking fresh flowers to make tea, it’s delicious and full of vitamins

At home, I’m preparing lamb

Today it is quite cool, no sunshine, only gentle breezes swaying on the flower branches

We are going to roast a whole lamb today, the lamb is quite heavy because it has a lot of stuff in it.

And this is the dish that I made today, it’s really delicious and attractive

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