Country life vlog puzik has two puppies , cooking vegetable pie

A new day begins with a busy picture when my husband splits the crib, I sweep the yard, the dogs are playing

On the side of the grassy hill, two cows are still grazing on young grass

Looking at the two puppies cuddling with their mother is so emotional

The rudimentary house becomes old after living for a long time, the trees around the house also become bare and lifeless.

A simple wooden table and an old towel will be the place where we rest and enjoy delicious food together

And under the eaves, next to the earthen oven is where I cook delicious food

The place where we live is simple and not comfortable, but it is very peaceful, cool, people and pets live together very happily.

Every day we work together and cook delicious food in a small house

These dishes are my daily joy

And the gathering of the whole family when sitting together to eat and talks

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