Country life vlog planting a new flower bed for house and making sauerkraut

Hello everyone, today is a beautiful sunny day, the warm golden sun shines on the soft, iridescent feathers of the rooster, making it shimmering and beautiful.

The dog obediently let my husband brush his white coat, it was so relaxing

The cat is lying in the sun on the roof of the flower garden, it is enjoying the warm rays of the sun

In my kitchen full of vegetables and colorful flowers, the fire is already burning, I will start today’s passion

Outside, the general rooster crowed loudly and loudly, dispelling the tranquility in the countryside

After petting the dogs, my husband started his job, he always had his own business.

Today’s dish has a lot of vegetables, the big and tender cabbage will make our meals more wonderful and delicious.

My husband is now planting beautiful flowers in front of the house, the flower buds are about to bloom, they look so beautiful, when they bloom, my house will become more beautiful than ever

The tulips are planted in a straight line, with so many colors, they bring life to the front yard

Adding a little flower hanging on the wall, sitting at home becomes beautiful and splendid, they are so shimmering thanks to my husband’s skillful hands


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