Country life vlog picking edible wild winter herbs and making a Pie

A new day begins in the endless field, the green grass stretches to the horizon, in the distance are majestic mountains covered with white snow.

Amidst the endless green grass, we look so small

With this mild weather, we feel so comfortable to work

The red berries on the dried trees are quite tasty fruits for us

When I got home, my husband immediately went to take care of the newly bloomed tulips, they were racing to show off their colors.

Outside in the yard, the dog and the kitten are playing with each other, they are always so close

At this time, the sunlight begins to shine on everything, the light is so warm

I’m sure there are many people who wish to have a garden with lots of pets and fresh flowers like my garden, how beautiful they look.

We are so happy that we can live and satisfy our passion for cooking in this beautiful garden

Eating delicious homemade food, watching beautiful flowers, watching animals play is a wonderful and peaceful feeling.

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