Country life vlog making pomegranate bracelet salad

Hello everyone, in the fresh air, my husband is walking on the wide green grass leading to the end of the road.

He is harvesting vegetables on the hill

At home I’m attaching the chili peppers to a string and hanging them to dry, I’ll be using the dried chili as a cooking seasoning.

On the wooden table, I started to wash the vegetables that my husband had just harvested, they were covered with mud, so they were very dirty.

With the same vegetables, add some eggs and some clean water, I put them on the stove to boil them

The kitchen is small but airy, so I can put several stoves and use them at the same time without fear of smoke

Last night it rained quite heavily, the wind and rain made the fallen leaves all over the yard, the ground was still wet

That doesn’t affect our daily delicious food

That doesn’t affect our daily delicious food

The answer is salad, you will be surprised with this dish if you follow me

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