Country life vlog making new railings for the house cooking pumpkin soup

A bright sunny morning illuminates everything, the puppies are engrossed in looking at the owners of the bunnies nestled in the wooden frame.

In the season of changing leaves, the shriveled trees have only a dry stem, preparing to welcome new sprouts

Today is a beautiful day, my husband and the carpenter are making a new railing for the house

Outside, the sheep are grazing, only the big trees have dropped their leaves, the trees and flowers are still fresh and racing.

To prepare for cooking, I will split the wood for firewood, the dried logs that we prepared before

In the garden full of flowers, chickens with shiny feathers are pecking for food

And I’m starting to cook with these fresh vegetables

A cup of hot tea in the middle of the day will dispel fatigue

The railing is about to be finished, just need to plant some pretty flowers around

My nutritious dish is also finished, its color is beautiful

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