Country life vlog making azerbaijani lamb stew and focaccia talian bread

After the heavy rain last night, everything got wet, the poor chickens were trying to dry their damp feathers.

The rain was quite heavy with the wind, making the weak flower branches fall to the ground, but they still brilliantly received the sunlight after the rain.

When everything was still wet, we went to the garden to harvest old vegetables, thanks to last night’s rain, the orphans became greener and more alive than ever.

After harvesting vegetables, we also get wet, after the rain the air is very humid so I feel really hot

2 cats are resting in the yard, they are enjoying the breeze

Every meal time, my husband will feed the chickens and ducks, they will gather in one place

The humid air makes it impossible for me to eat outside today, I will cook in this cozy kitchen instead.

Today I will cook casserole with vegetables, a nutritious dish

Now that the yard has become drier, I will prepare her to eat so we can enjoy our lunch here

Very nice, we enjoyed the casserole along with the delicious pies


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