Country life vlog harvesting three types nectarines and canning for baking in winter

Hello everyone, the sun has risen, shining golden light on everything

We moved together to the nectarine garden, the clean and wide path between the rows of ripe nectarines

The nectarine is a fruit that is sweet, aromatic and rich in nutrients, here we have yellow and red nectarines

They are ripe, giving off a fragrant aroma throughout the garden and flying everywhere with the wind

The black bird is sitting on the nectarine branch and chirping, these ripe nectarines are their favorite food

This tree isn’t tall, it’s just as tall as my head, so it’s easy to pick them

We harvested a lot of yellow and red nectarines, they are all delicious, I will wash and cook them

The glass jars are already filled with nectarines, after soaking we will have a delicious drink

With that number of peaches, I prepared a simple and delicious cake

A cup of hot fragrant tea and a snack cake make us hungry after work

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