Country life vlog harvesting a Lot of apricots for drying

A new day begins with the sound of cats meowing, chickens pecking for food, and swans calling each other.

The flowers together are colorful, each flower is beautiful and brilliant

Today our apricot garden can be harvested, it is full of fruit, the large round apricots look very attractive.

It’s quite high so we need to use this ladder

It is ripe yellow and succulent, with just a little effort, the apricots are easily separated, the fresh water flowing from the fruit looks delicious

The playful kitten also followed us to the garden, climbed up the ladder and sat watching us

Because the apricot garden is full of fruit, it only takes a while to harvest, the fruit trays we prepared are already full

After washing, we started to separate the apricot kernels, because it is ripe and soft, it becomes easier to separate the seeds with just a small wooden stick.

After boiling and drying the apricots, my husband went to pick some tea ingredients while I prepared lunch

Today’s dish is indispensable as apricot, hope my husband will like it

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