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Azerbaijan is a busy day with potato harvesting, delicious potatoes make many delicious dishes.

Next to the potato garden is a lush green cabbage garden

A stove, with corn silk, and some wild berries, we have a pot of sweet and fragrant tea to relieve fatigue.

Thinking of taking a sip of tea, breathing in the fresh breeze, the feeling of fatigue seems to disappear

At home, my mother is sleeping in the gentle sunlight, she always likes to bask in the sun

Walking on a path full of flowers and grass, I feel like I’m lost in a fairyland

In the middle of a large field, there is a beautiful little house, where my mother and I are preparing to cook

Living in a place like this is so peaceful and quiet

My mother loves to watch me cook, although she is old, she is still very agile

A delicious and well-cooked dish so that my mother can eat it easily, she loves this dish of mine.

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