Country life vlog cooking stocks for the winter – pickled vegetable salad from our garden

Hello friends, azerbaijan in autumn, maple leaves gradually change color, the whole forest is filled with colors of autumn sky

The red maple leaves on the branches, falling down the cool clear stream, the birds chirping on the branches create a vivid and fresh landscape picture.

In the garden, where the trees give cool shade, the children are carefree playing

I have harvested a lot of vegetables, they are fresh and succulent, heavy on my hands

My niece helps me wash vegetables quickly and obediently

The cucumber that I picked looks so fresh, it’s very young and sweet

The chickens are digging for food under the trees, next to the flower pots are blooming

Today will be a meal with a lot of vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, cucumbers… vegetables add fiber and are good for digestion

A pot of hot tea made from berries and rosehip leaves

And the finished product is these colorful and delicious vegetable pots


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