Country life vlog cooking quails in tomato sauce in the wood oven

A new day in Azerbaijan, white snow covers the stream, and the fresh water gurgles creating a vivid picture of nature.

In the middle of the snow-covered forest, in the middle of the bare tree trunks, we look so small

In the warm house. Next to the burning oven, I will prepare delicious food to wait for my husband to come home

Next to the stove, two cats are curled up and sleeping, looking so warm

In the yard, chickens and swans are digging for food

Today I will cook delicious food from quail

Out in the forest right now, my husband is still busy cutting firewood, firewood is an indispensable thing in life here

2 dogs are also friends with my husband, with thick and dense fur, they are not afraid of the cold

In order for my husband to enjoy delicious food after collecting firewood, I will try to cook it well

And now, next to the warm oven, we enjoy delicious quail together, my husband loves it today.


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