Country life vlog cooking lunch for the orange farm workers

Hello everyone, a new day begins at the orange garden, where there are very beautiful animals

And there’s also the rooster with its striking feathers and strong red crest

Today we will harvest oranges, the orchard is full of fruit, it looks very attractive

On the other side of the chickens are busy digging for food, on the ground are ripe apricots falling on the green grass

I started squeezing orange juice to make jam, the oranges are succulent, the orange juice is thick and golden looking so delicious

Enjoying a glass of freshly squeezed oranges, feels like a cool bath, very refreshing and cool

After squeezing all the oranges, we started the process of cooking jam, the smoke rose up white, mixed with the wind and flew away, leaving behind a smooth marmalade.

Now we prepare lunch together with fresh fish

The feeling of sitting together, enjoying a cake and sipping a cup of hot tea in the orange garden is so wonderful, I feel like I’m lost in paradise.

Our lunch was fun, with the gentle breeze and the gentle aroma of ripe oranges

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