Country life vlog cold okroshka – the best dish for summer

Hello everyone, I am walking on the hill, where there is a beautiful tree, white flowers bloom creating a very beautiful picture.

Outside in the garden, the two men worked hard to dig the dry land to prepare for the upcoming planting

This vegetable garden I took care of it, so now the green vegetables will give me delicious food.

I’ve picked them so many times, and they’re running out, I’ll have to prepare to plant a new batch of vegetables

Today’s weather is very cool, and clear, it’s great to cook here

We are trying to plant more flowers, even though my house is very bright now

Today my dish will be made from potatoes, eggs and other old vegetables

It’s simple, but it’s strange and delicious

These chicken eggs I picked up when the chickens in the garden laid, they are not too big but a lot of nutrients and the yolk color is very nice

This is our meal, it will be good for digestion and also very tasty

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