Country life vlog cheesemaking – making cheese from fresh cow’s milk

An unusually peaceful new day, the cat is sitting by the coal stove to warm up

In the row of flowers in front of the house, they are racing to show off their bright colors, and the branches that give red fruits are so beautiful

Far away on the hill my husband is charging grass next to two dogs engrossed in playing

Then we make a pile of grass and collect it at home

During the changing season, the shaggy trees shed their leaves all over the yard creating a gloomy scene

After the cows are grazed, I proceed to milk the cow, hoping it will give me the milk I want

Fresh cow’s milk contains a lot of nutrients, we can drink it after processing or making cheese

Through some stages, I have obtained a lot of cheese, which will help me to make delicious food

In the yard, the chickens are standing on their roof, they are naughty chickens

Thank you dairy cows for giving us a nutritious meal today

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