Country life vlog beef qutab – traditional azerbaijani dish

It’s a cold day in Azerbaijan, everything is covered with snow, a cold atmosphere covers the garden

2 smart dogs choose a position under the stroller, where it is not covered by snow to play

Together we clean up the snow on the brick floor

Looking around, everything is covered in a cold white, but it’s so beautiful and peaceful

I will start cooking, standing by the fire to dispel the cold of winter

The cat always chooses a position near the stove or oven to keep warm

In the flower garden, my husband is taking care of those beautiful flowers, despite the cold winter, they still bloom with colorful flowers.

Enjoying a cup of hot tea every day seems to become our habit, it makes me feel so warm and comfortable.

Food becomes my soul, I put all my passion into the food

It’s freezing cold, enjoying a delicious food next to the fire is the best thing we have


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