Country life vlog baking bread and frying fish in new oven

Hello everyone, today is a cold day, the temperature is about -7°C

With this inclement weather, there’s nothing better than sitting next to a fire

The smart cat also took advantage of the heat to warm up under the stove

Right now my husband is shoveling snow, because the snow is too thick, he will clean them

Today I will cook with flour, salmon and vegetables

On the other side, 2 lchos are playing in the snow, looking so happy

It’s starting to be sunny, warm rays of sunshine through each canopy brighten up the cold atmosphere

After my husband cleared the snow and took care of the flower garden, we shared a cup of hot tea, today’s tea has a strange blue color.

I finished today’s dish, grilled salmon sandwich, served with a colorful vegetable salad

Today’s meal is simple but very delicious and beautiful


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