WIWU Magnetic Folio: Mẫu case iPad có thể “biến hình” từ ốp lưng thành bao da

Cũng giống như iPhone, iPad cũng cực kỳ mỏng manh và chỉ 1 lần vô tình làm rơi cũng có thể khiến phần màn hình vỡ nát. Chình vì thế, bản thân Apple và các thương hiệu làm phụ kiện đã rất nhanh chóng cho ra mắt rất nhiều mẫu ốp lưng và bao da […]

Country life vlog planting a new flower bed for house and making sauerkraut

Hello everyone, today is a beautiful sunny day, the warm golden sun shines on the soft, iridescent feathers of the rooster, making it shimmering and beautiful. The dog obediently let my husband brush his white coat, it was so relaxing The cat is lying in the sun on the roof of the flower garden, it […]

Country life vlog beef qutab – traditional azerbaijani dish

It’s a cold day in Azerbaijan, everything is covered with snow, a cold atmosphere covers the garden 2 smart dogs choose a position under the stroller, where it is not covered by snow to play Together we clean up the snow on the brick floor Looking around, everything is covered in a cold white, but […]

Country life vlog picking edible wild winter herbs and making a Pie

A new day begins in the endless field, the green grass stretches to the horizon, in the distance are majestic mountains covered with white snow. Amidst the endless green grass, we look so small With this mild weather, we feel so comfortable to work The red berries on the dried trees are quite tasty fruits […]

Country life vlog baking bread and frying fish in new oven

Hello everyone, today is a cold day, the temperature is about -7°C With this inclement weather, there’s nothing better than sitting next to a fire The smart cat also took advantage of the heat to warm up under the stove Right now my husband is shoveling snow, because the snow is too thick, he will […]

Country life vlog cooking quails in tomato sauce in the wood oven

A new day in Azerbaijan, white snow covers the stream, and the fresh water gurgles creating a vivid picture of nature. In the middle of the snow-covered forest, in the middle of the bare tree trunks, we look so small In the warm house. Next to the burning oven, I will prepare delicious food to […]


Khác với bàn phím thông thường, bàn phím cơ sử dụng công nghệ Switch cho từng phím nhằm mang lại cảm giác khác biệt, hưng phấn khi gõ, chính vì thế nó thu hút rất nhiều sự quan tâm từ người sử dụng máy tính dù là nhân viên văn phòng hay game thủ. Hiện […]

Country life vlog tandoor oven – built and cooking lamb and vegetables

Hello friends, welcome to the beautiful garden where cats play Where the man is working hard digging in the ground to make an oven, is none other than my husband As for me, continue to cook with my passion In the barn, 2 rabbits are engrossed in gnawing on green lettuce leaves To make today’s […]