Country life vlog cooking meat underground cheap BBQ grill

Hello everyone, today we are going to grow potatoes together The seed potatoes will be planted on the ground that we have plowed before Two naughty puppies playing next to me The seed potatoes in the ground, and my husband will cover the ground. Now I will cut some firewood for cooking, my husband will […]

Country life vlog cooking goat laba in a friend’s yard in Turkey village

One fine day, in the flower field, the beautiful cat is striding proudly In the garden, I am picking up ripe oranges, and my brother-in-law is using stones to make a kitchen While my husband goes sightseeing, there’s a lot to explore It’s nice to be able to pick ripe oranges from the tree, it’s […]

Country life vlog cooking original turkish gozleme in wood fire, outdoor cooking

The new day is warm and sunny, the green grass and the vast blue ocean create a beautiful and cool picture of nature. On the cliffs in the distance, strong groves of trees are still growing, the water is so clear that the bottom can be seen. In the orange garden, my sister and I […]

Country life vlog baking old style bread in tandoor oven, bread recipe

Hello everyone, the vlog country life is always associated with the splitting of the crib and the fire, it’s like our soul.. Next to the steel fence, red roses are racing, they look so brilliant By the riverside, my husband is busy working Start cooking, with just a simple table and an earthen oven that […]

Country life vlog harvesting a Lot of apricots for drying

A new day begins with the sound of cats meowing, chickens pecking for food, and swans calling each other. The flowers together are colorful, each flower is beautiful and brilliant Today our apricot garden can be harvested, it is full of fruit, the large round apricots look very attractive. It’s quite high so we need […]

Country life vlog making new railings for the house cooking pumpkin soup

A bright sunny morning illuminates everything, the puppies are engrossed in looking at the owners of the bunnies nestled in the wooden frame. In the season of changing leaves, the shriveled trees have only a dry stem, preparing to welcome new sprouts Today is a beautiful day, my husband and the carpenter are making a […]

Country life vlog making a flowerbed from an old cart, landscaping

Hello everyone, today is a pretty day, under the breeze my husband is playing with the puppy happily On the green grass of the village, the beautiful little yellow flower in my hand In the garden, my husband and the man are repairing the trailer Chickens with shiny feathers pecking for food I don’t know […]

Country life vlog roasting a whole of lamb in tandoor oven

A beautiful day, at a beautiful house covered with fresh flowers Bright yellow chrysanthemums are racing to bloom My husband is taking care of the peach blossom garden, the flowers have bloomed to brighten up the whole area, the pink color is so gentle and beautiful. View from our house size, the house is small […]

Country life vlog cooking rustic goose with potatoes, outdoor cooking

Hello everyone, I am a person who loves plants and flowers, so my husband and I always take care of the flower gardens to make our house beautiful. . In the yard, the puppy is happily running and jumping, looking so cute I started cooking with this chicken and vegetables My husband is still engrossed […]